My artistic reflection is based on the study of the relations between man and nature, as well as on the exploration of my own unconscious.
My paintings, abstract with multiple dimensions, are those of a contemporary artist, in the sense that I am alive right now. But we can say that they have a modern style of painting. They are abstract, if you will, in the sense that they do not appear a priori. They seek to evoke, to suggest, to make feel. They are interested in the matter and we can therefore associate them with the term concrete painting. I do not know if it's said. I believe that matter is alive when it carries the spirit.
I exhibit throughout France. My paintings are collected on several continents (Europe, America, Middle East).

Born in Paris in 1978, Arnaud Gautron is a visual artist. After an initial training of Grande Ecole, he has been working since 2001 on a practice of creating control images and own plastic research.

Self-taught in the field of visual arts, he first considers painting, drawing, photography and moving images as possible means of his artistic expression. He performs several collective and personal exhibitions, in Paris and in various provincial towns. It is published by Eyrolles in Cahiers du Designer - Digital Painting, in 2002.

Meetings allow him to explore the relationship between image and sound. He collaborates regularly with musicians: painting performances on stage with the pop artist Raldub in 2005, experimental video films with the collective Nuz or the electronic and electroacoustic composer Rui Emmanuel Candeias since 2006 ... In 2010, he added the theater to his field of experimentation, with a residency at the CDN in Thionville-Lorraine, for the creation of a video decoration of "La Tache de Mariotte", staged by Eric Petitjean. He is then assistant video of the scenographer.

With Sébastien Chatron, composer and acousmatic interpreter, he conceived and directed the show "The Dialogue of Spherapulse and Acousmonium". He imagines and manufactures the spherapulse, an aluminum sculpture at the heart of a complex video projection device. Their show, is presented on the occasion of the 9th Blue Night (Arc-et-Senans, Doubs), in July 2010.

During the summer of 2011, he accompanied for 6 weeks the poet and sonographer Pascal Rueff, for an artistic residence of observation of the contaminated territories around Chernobyl, Ukraine. He realizes on the return a testimony in mixed technique (photo, painting). This journey durably marks his perception of nature and directs his work more radically in this direction.

After 34 years in Paris, he now lives and works in Brittany, on the coast of the Côtes d'Armor, where he finds an environment conducive to the development of expressionist visions of his imagination.

He is now focusing on painting. His artistic reflection is based on the study of the relationship between man and nature and on the exploration of his own unconscious.