Paintings from 2002 to 2007

In arranging the workshop, I fell back on these paintings, realized in Paris between 2002 to 2007.

Histoires urbaines (2002-2004): these paintings are influenced by my Parisian life in the early 2000s. They tell stories fragmented, which intersect without seeing each other, inhabited by ghosts.

Masques anciens (2003-2005): these paintings correspond to the plastic research that was mine at the time, more expressionist than the later works. Long stayed in my studio and very little exposed, I now wish to present as one of the origins of my current work.

Profils (2007): this short series of three 80x80 cm square format paintings is an attempt to port the graphism inspired by POSCA felt graffiti from paper or wall to canvas. Body studies announce the series Chair de Poule which will be born around 2008.

For sale on Singulart.


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