Chair de poule 1 (Goose Flesh)
  • Chair de poule 1 (Goose Flesh)

  • Acrylic on canvas - 116 x 81 cm - 2009

The series "Goose Flesh", made in 2009, began with drawings made in India ink. The approach was to figure bodies in an expressionist gesture, full of anarchic excrescences suggesting raw and metastatic flesh. Then, Arnaud Gautron carried his drawings in painting the same year, realizing 5 works, in acrylic on canvas. Three of them were exhibited only once in Paris in 2010, a sold in Germany, but the series remained unfulfilled in the subsequent work initiated by the artist. The bodies of "Goose Flesh" nevertheless remain the founders of a line that the artist would like to resume in the coming years. From a technical point of view, these works mix acrylic and Indian ink. "Goose Flesh 4" and "Goose Flesh 5", not shown here, use the technique of absorbent paper mixed with the paint that the artist has extensively developed in his work "Prophecies of a Leaky World", from about 10 years.


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