Untitled #14 (Prophecies of a leaking world)
  • Untitled #14 (Prophecies of a leaking world)

  • Acrylic and paper on canvas - 120 x 150 cm - 2015

Evocation of ancestral moor

This work is part of a series of four large formats (120x150 cm) initially worked for the solo exhibition of Arnaud Gautron in Lannion (Brittany) in July 2015. By its horizontal construction, with a demarcation in the middle, it can evoke a landscape. The upper part, mostly thick and light gray, is streaked vertically. The lower part, much more textured, is enriched with many details in shades ocher, blue and black. Some places seem dug in the material and reveal the lower layers of paint, even the canvas itself.

The technique used mixes acrylic paint and absorbent paper soaked in water. During his research since about 2008, the painter has explored this practice, which allows both to slow down the drying of acrylic paint and manipulate a thick way to make the effects of folds.


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