Untitled #9 (Prophecies of a leaking world)
  • Untitled #9 (Prophecies of a leaking world)

  • Acrylic and paper on canvas - 111 x 111 cm - 2014

The series of "Prophecies of a fleeing world" is the result of pictorial research based on the exploration of matter. The medium used, mixing acrylic paint and absorbent paper soaked in water, allows, by drying, a play of more or less deep textures, in which openings are cut out where light can be born. Built by successive iterations, and according to an instinctive approach to composition, each canvas resolves its own tension by offering the gaze an emotional support and an invitation to immerse yourself in it.

Anecdote: this work was painted on a canvas and a recovery frame. I drew on the stock of my painter grandmother, who had attempted a portrait of her friend Françoise in 1937 and I repainted on it.


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