• Extinction

  • Acrylic and paper on canvas - 65 x 92 cm - 2021

"Extinction" is composed around a horizontal line, in the middle of the canvas. At the top, a bright yellow light seems to escape and forms lines from the center upwards. In the lower part, an almost black mass. Both parts are occupied by red and blue shards. Are we witnessing a birth or a disappearance? Is the extinction mentioned in the title ours or that of the fires? These questions are asked but remain unanswered: the work expresses a fantastic and very real energy, which precedes and succeeds every moment.

Very textured, the work is repainted on an old paint from 2010. It uses the technique of absorbent paper soaked in water on which successive interventions in diluted or pure acrylic allow games of transparency. Finally, it occupied the workshop for a long time, unfinished, before being finalized in August 2021 where fires in particular are in the news.


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