RGB Bombing
  • RGB Bombing

  • Acrylic on canvas - 38 x 61 cm - 2021

"RGB Bombing" is a small painting. In the middle of a large white mass marked by lighter or darker diagonal lines, slightly tinted with blue or red, we find a waveform, red, green and blue. This one, also streaked, seems attacked, as if bombarded, by the white rain which surrounds it. RGB refers to the three colors which, when superimposed, make up the variety of shades on a television, computer or smartphone screen. Thus, the work evokes the confused and permanent fog which, in particular on social networks or continuous news channels, is made up of the avalanche of pixels of the three colors.

Painted on a canvas and a recycled frame, the small format allows for more subtle touches. The material is linked to the superposition of the layers of paint, no use of paper here


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